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Only those who start digitally can arrive

For us at INCREON Digital, one thing above all is important: It is not enough just to stick to nice concepts and ideas. In the digital agency, our digital developers create digital realities. We are weatherproof digital craftspeople who create and implement solutions ourselves. Only then is it fun for us and our customers, and brings success. There is a lot to discuss, but then it has to be done — no ifs and buts. Only when the code is written, the website or web application prototype is finished, the function runs and can be tested — only then can been seen whether the implementation has proved itself.

Our team of digital developers comes to this point rapidly in digital development, because only then does the actual successful work begin, in our view. Much too often, one overdoes it in the preliminary stage, has a lot of discussions, and raises objections. Perhaps you have seen this before. We first want to show what is possible; then it is easier to discuss things, and together we reach the goal and success faster. Oftentimes, this is also the smart way, the good way. All digital applications can be larger and more complex later. However, when a website, web solution, web application, or app essentially does not prove itself from the beginning, and when the content is not well received, it will not become more persuasive or convincing through additional content or functions. In this regard, we are clear, direct, and quick while developing (digital development) and in possibly discarding unsuitable products and concepts. This point in particular is a new experience for many when working with us as a digital agency. We as a sparring partner can also discard approaches when it is necessary to do so.

As a subsidiary of one of the leading branding agencies, we always have a view to your brand success and your sales — in addition to costs and efficiency. This is exactly what makes us so special. For today, web applications and web solutions no longer arise independently of the perspective of the customer. Customer journey is is only a buzzword about this. Branding is critical, because pre-existing trust from the customer is of great assistance as early as the beta phase. For us, it is crucial, therefore, to get started together early — for example, with a small test project; a digital challenge which is manageable to everyone. More can always develop from it later. And with this type of closely working together, the chemistry, which has to be right between everyone, is a further success factor for us.

Therefore, digital development and digital integration definitely belong together for us. What good is the best function and solution, when it, for example, is not understood in-house and is not accepted? The same is true for your customers. Early and correct communication is decisive in this regard. Our marketing communication experts therefore also sit at the table in our multidisciplinary team. This is how we ensure that the solution is equally well accepted by laypeople and professionals alike.