Virtual studio and greenscreen studio


Present in the future

The future belongs to video; this has become clear to many. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and in addition belongs to Google. This means that what cannot be found in Google and YouTube does not take place, digitally speaking. Every form of explanatory videos gains attention. Now, not every company can immediately free up a huge budget to expensively produce videos. It has to happen in a smart way. This is where the virtual studio comes into play.

People and objects can be simply masked out with greenscreen technology (in our own greenscreen studio) and be filmed as a video. Today, not the technology, but the design and representation, is the challenge. They have to fit to the visual representation of your brand, even when it is to go fast and smart.

According to defined corporate design guidelines, without a lot of overhead, a personalized, virtual 3D studio can be made. In this 3D space, hosts and presenters can stand, and virtual and real products can take up position, thus always be presented in a fitting environment.

In our own 60 square meter large state-of-the-art greenscreen studio, we can film live (live recording), blend it together (live video mix) with the 3D visualization (virtual set), and make it public live (live stream) on request. From a technical standpoint, we process a variety of 4K video and audio sources.

We also assist in setting up smart greenscreen studio technology at the premises of customers and clients. The technology is so reasonably priced today that it definitely can make sense to set up a studio at the premises of customer companies in order to quickly and professionally film and stream videos oneself.