The Fascination of Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization

Fascination 3D

VR – Digital becomes real…

Virtual reality makes the digital real. This is how an illusion becomes reality. The observer becomes immediately emotionally involved. Digital worlds spring to life and the content is fascinatingly authentically perceived.

For building a brand, a method arises on how to set the scene of companies, content, products, and presentations such that they fit into the image of the brand perfectly and pay into the brand as well. Messages are digitally transmitted vividly and in a way that attracts attention. The fields of application are unbelievably full of variety: image and film composing, presentation of prototypes, three-dimensional presentations, simulations of all kinds, visualizations in architecture and medicine, and many more.

With the possibilities afforded by virtual reality and 3D visualization, complex processes and products, as well as multi-layered offerings, can be emotionalized, made clear, and demonstrated. In our multimedial society, it is important not to lose the attention of our target groups. We have to impress and convince.

Three-dimensional visualization makes it possible. Virtual reality and 3D visualization is an essential part of digital transformation for us. Therefore, we have integrated this discipline into INCREON Digital. This permits the possibilities of virtual reality and 3D visualization to be integrated into digital projects at an early point in time. Our services in this field include:

  • 3D modeling, 3D animation, 3D shading, 3D lighting, 3D rendering from CAD data
  • 3D virtual sets, 3D virtual studios as the basis for a video presentation to strengthen the brand
  • 2D/3D motion graphics, 2D/3D motion tracking, keying, 3D video mapping, 3D video projection (every form of audiovisual design of a moving image)
  • 2D/3D character development, character animation for the right presentation
  • 2D/3D compositing (design of different 3D image elements tied together to a harmonious total picture)
  • Keying and rotoscoping
  • Live streaming in connection with 3D video mapping and 3D video projection
  • Virtual reality solutions for films, stills, presentations, and events
  • 360° animation, full dome animation