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Faces of INCREON Digital

Each individual is good and experienced. In a team, we are even stronger and better for your digital challenge. Trust in our many years of experience in web applications and digital projects.

Get to know us in a personal conversation and learn more about INCREON Digital, the team, and our work at the digital agency.

At its core, a troupe of about 15 powerful digital developers is available for you at the digital agency. On principle, we prefer to employ our in-house resources, but can extend the size of the team when needed. It is especially important to us that our customers are independent of us, but gladly draw on us again and again. We do not like systems that create a dependency; therefore, we try to avoid them in line with our customers. In doing so, we orient ourselves to the “classic” software life cycle, which consists of requirements engineering, architecture design and development, implementation, testing and integration, and deployment, along with maintenance and further development, but we keep this process flexible enough to be able to react to changes appropriately and in a timely manner.