Digital Agency in Munich and Shanghai – Web Engineering, Web Development, Digital Consulting

Digitalization requires individual recipes for success

INCREON Digital is a highly specialized and highly innovative digital agency with a B2B focus. We combine your digital future with what is digitally possible. We advise you, filter out the solutions which promise the most success for you, test these, develop them, and integrate them into your organization. As we do so, we follow one aim: Away from fixed, monolithic systems toward decoupled, decentral, and therefore calculable solutions. This is how we make you more independent of systems, faster, and more flexible — always with an eye on efficiency and costs.

As a full-service digital agency, we assist you to advance faster on the journey of digital transformation. We inspire you. We are your digital sparring partner, your digital think tank, and your creative web developer.

Our team at the digital agency and digital consultancy consists of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) experts and of front-end, back-end, full-stack, and database developers, web designers, visual artists, FX specialists, and digital producers. All of us work closely with the entire INCREON team — with the branding strategists and brand designers — in Munich and Shanghai. We guarantee that the best possible web solutions and web applications are created in an interplay of time, your budget, and what is possible in the digital world.

The range of services offered by the INCREON Digital is special: It takes advantage of the experience of a highly specialized and innovative digital agency and digital consultancy that knows how to integrate digital and classic communication strategies and holistic marketing for a cross-media brand experience.

INCREON Digital is a subsidiary of INCREON. INCREON considers itself to be one of the leading naming and branding agencies for industrial marketing communication and is located in Munich and Shanghai. Together, in a unique way, we offer our customers the full depth and breadth of digital services of a full-service digital agency.

Web Development

Front end, back end, full-stack

  • Websites and web platforms
  • Web applications and apps
  • E-commerce, catalogs and PIM
  • Development Optimization (DevOps)
  • Web Environments
  • Web Architecture
  • Web Content Management
  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development
  • Digital Content Production
  • Multi Channel Interaction

Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting for Digital Transformation

  • Analysis, digital check-up
  • Strategy development
  • Digital transformation consulting (B2B, B2E)
  • Requirements engineering
  • Digital change management
  • Training, workshops

Digital Incubator

Innovation Finding

  • New Business Development
  • Digital Trendscouting
  • New Technology Testing
  • Digital Improvement
  • Rapid Prototyping, Functional Mockups