PIM (Product Information Management)

PIM Solutions

PIM can also be easy

When we understand product information management (PIM) as it is actually meant; that is, the managing of information on and about products, then the topic is not really complicated or complex. When, however, a PIM is considered to be a universal information center, then it becomes expensive and only tough to solve. In IT departments in particular, the opinion still prevails that only large and powerful systems are good systems. Power is, in this case, a driver and hindrance at the same time. Especially in companies in which central systems are in use, the ones who control them are also the “powerful ones.” For them, systems that are decoupled and smart are more a thorn in their sides and tend to embody a loss of power. Therefore, it happens again and again that good, fast, and cost-efficient solutions fall by the wayside while the time-honored systems and their “overseeers” maintain the upper hand.

We are sure that this is playing for more time. The past has shown that it is precisely the large, monolithic systems, just like corporate tanks that are difficult to steer, that are gone very rapidly (disruption) when a critical point is exceeded.

We see PIM solutions with that in mind. It is a very central function to manage the information about products as well as possible. At the end, it is, however, only about managing content. For this, there are now numerous smart web content management systems that can do this at a minimum just as well, if not better, without being centralized and expensive. Let us talk about the possibilities of modern web content systems, so that with PIM, you get away from the dependency on in part oversized and overpriced systems and are able to make the possibly better decision for your company.