Online Exhibitions

Exhibition 4.0

A Future

A few years ago, only a few people could imagine that clothing, furniture, or foodstuffs could be sold successfully through online shops. There are enough examples of managers who were totally wrong and made the wrong strategic decisions. We have looked around to see which markets still do not exhibit much digitalization. Trade fairs and exhibitions are such an industry.

This is understandable when you first look at it. Exhibitions have areas that they wish to rent out to exhibitors so as to bring visitors (attendees) to a trade fair center or exhibition center. As an aside: Parallels to bricks-and-mortar stores are imaginable here. Would an online exhibition, at which there are only digital exhibitors and digital visitors, be the end of trade fairs? No. First of all, people are looking for an event, something special, something to experience, and second, the Internet is, more or less, through search engines, a gigantic online exhibition

How, therefore, can exhibition organizers lead in the digital future? The current magic word is cross-channel. So: You can do the one and cannot help doing the other. That means you bring and do analog and digital together. But how?

Our answer: We have to extend the time period of an exhibition digitally forward (before the first day of the exhibition) and backward (beyond the last day of the exhibition) for both exhibitors and visitors. Currently, we are inventing this new form of an online exhibition and are developing a comprehensive digital solution. We are not able to explain more at the moment. If you as a trade fair or exhibition organizer are interested in digitally transforming your exhibitions, speak with us. Let’s go to Exhibition 4.0! Our solutions can be scaled and adapted. A small digital seedling can therefore become a strong, powerful digital tree.