SEO Success

On-page Optimization

6 success factors that improve search engine ranking

You have good, interesting, fascinating content and information on your website. You post regularly on the social platforms. But digital media seem to be a gigantic “information haystack”. Information, like proverbial needles, is difficult to find. On-page optimization of your digital media — from your website to your social media profile — serves to improve your ranking at Google and other search engines. There are therefore two key questions to answer, especially in B2B digital marketing: Which search terms do potential customers that don’t know you, your products, and your services use? Are you found under these search terms?


Digital Trends

What we currently see as a trend in the web world

We currently see a central topic in the web world: the battle between those who represent modern, decentralized solution approaches and the responsible parties in the classic IT departments who do not wish to give up their “power” and their structures and therefore continue to insist on central, monolithic systems.

PIM Solutions

PIM (Product Information Management)

PIM can also be easy

When we understand product information management (PIM) as it is actually meant; that is, the managing of information on and about products, then the topic is not really complicated or complex. When, however, a PIM is considered to be a universal information center, then it becomes expensive and only tough to solve. In IT departments in particular, the opinion still prevails that only large and powerful systems are good systems. Power is, in this case, a driver and hindrance at the same time. Especially in companies in which central systems are in use, the ones who control them are also the “powerful ones.” For them, systems that are decoupled and smart are more a thorn in their sides and tend to embody a loss of power. Therefore, it happens again and again that good, fast, and cost-efficient solutions fall by the wayside while the time-honored systems and their “overseeers” maintain the upper hand.

Exhibition 4.0

Online Exhibitions

A Future

A few years ago, only a few people could imagine that clothing, furniture, or foodstuffs could be sold successfully through online shops. There are enough examples of managers who were totally wrong and made the wrong strategic decisions. We have looked around to see which markets still do not exhibit much digitalization. Trade fairs and exhibitions are such an industry.

Web Platform

The largest platform for finding commercial agents and for distribution

As early as 2001, INCREON went live with the Internet platform Since then, INCREON has operated the platform independently on behalf of the Federal Association of German Associations for Commercial Agencies and Distribution, or, in German, CDH (Centralvereinigung Deutscher Wirtschaftsverbände für Handelsvermittlung und Vertrieb). INCREON continues to further develop the platform on its own.

Web 3.0


Disruptive technology of the future

The blockchain technology is being seen as a leading technology with the potential to change paradigms. The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and mobile payment methods — independent of banks and borders — will be more efficient and more useful for every day in the near future through blockchain technology.

Security first

Digital Security

Secure digital solutions with WordPress

The Internet and digital solutions are neither per se secure nor insecure. They are as they are. We do not wish to drum up business with a fear of hacks when it comes to the topic of digital security. That cripples. In our view, some do this and use the topic of security as a killer argument to push through their own interests and perhaps even less suitable solutions.

Fascination 3D

The Fascination of Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization

VR – Digital becomes real…

Virtual reality makes the digital real. This is how an illusion becomes reality. The observer becomes immediately emotionally involved. Digital worlds spring to life and the content is fascinatingly authentically perceived.


Virtual Studio and Greenscreen Studio

Present in the future

The future belongs to video; this has become clear to many. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and in addition belongs to Google. This means that what cannot be found in Google and YouTube does not take place, digitally speaking. Every form of explanatory videos gains attention. Now, not every company can immediately free up a huge budget to expensively produce videos. It has to happen in a smart way. This is where the virtual studio comes into play.


WeChat Agency in China and Germany

WeChat: A Digital Solution for your Business in China

INCREON Digital is your specialized WeChat agency in Germany and China (locations Munich and Shanghai). Digital networking has a partly stronger effect on the individual person in China than in the West. Particularly content that is optimized for mobile end devices has a higher value and determines social and consumer behavior. Especially important in this regard is the app WeChat, which allows one to deal with various tasks directly on and by a smartphone. The app WeChat has about 800 million active users and is an important companion in the everyday life of many Chinese people.