Digital Trends


What we currently see as a trend in the web world

We currently see a central topic in the web world: the battle between those who represent modern, decentralized solution approaches and the responsible parties in the classic IT departments who do not wish to give up their “power” and their structures and therefore continue to insist on central, monolithic systems.

The topic of security is often brought up in every situation as a kind of killer argument. And then there are the early Internet activists. For them, a web solution or a web application is only good when they have written every line of it themselves in PHP. That today usable and good results can be pieced together quickly, cheaply, and securely from finished partial solutions is not a practicable way for them.

It is different for us. It is important to us that we do not cling to habits. We also always question the status quo. The digital world is so fast that every system which is planned for years is already doomed to failure. This is because by the time the system is finished, there has long been available a cheap app which does the job, and possibly even does it better. Today, ultimately it is about finding this app, singling out more suitable solutions, and then networking both of them intelligently into an integrated system in terms of customer requirements.

If something new comes along and therefore a new function, application, app, etc., this can be easily added in or exchanged for the old one. This is how systems stay agile. This requires constantly letting go, along with looking forward with pleasure to the new (digital trend scouting). People who want and can do exactly that work at INCREON Digital. This is how, from the sea of possibilities, time after time, we find the solutions for you that fit to the given point in time and to the given type of problem from the sea of possibilities. We take you with us on the journey early and involve everyone. This is how we gain the trust of everyone involved.