Digital Security

Security first

Secure digital solutions with WordPress

The Internet and digital solutions are neither per se secure nor insecure. They are as they are. We do not wish to drum up business with a fear of hacks when it comes to the topic of digital security. That cripples. In our view, some do this and use the topic of security as a killer argument to push through their own interests and perhaps even less suitable solutions.

Digital security is decoupled from the actual solution and the functions of a system. Every protection of a solution is to be considered on an individual basis. This is exactly like the protection of a building also always takes into consideration the location, environment, and value of the good to be protected. In short: We do not have to take a sledgehammer to a nut when it comes to simple websites and those which tend to be uninteresting to hackers. On the other hand, the situation is exactly the other way around: When it comes to sensitive data, the protection cannot be big enough. Through this decoupled point of view, the topic of security receives a value of its own — sometimes more, sometimes less, but always independent of the actual solution.

For example, in our view, it is nonsense not to use the advantages of WordPress because perhaps the preconceived idea that WordPress is less secure than other systems is dominant. It is clear that WordPress, as the most common content management system, is the target of many hack attacks, but it depends on the installation and configuration of the server behind it. And this is exactly what this is all about. Our system landscape consists of, for example, multi-layered systems. The individual layers are individually secured or are so “hidden” that they are not directly reachable through the World Wide Web. For a system which is not reachable also cannot, in principle, be hacked. It sounds simple, and it is.

At INCREON Digital , we look very closely at the security requirements, use them to draw conclusions on the necessary measures, and then monitor the measures. In this regard, always staying current and, if possible, being ahead of one’s time, is a matter of course for us.