Since 2000

INCREON Digital and its history

“Web should be eesy…” With this motto, in September 2000, a startup project from INCREON and FACTSOFT kicked off. Both companies were interested in making the Internet and with it, websites and web applications, easy to use for everyone. This resulted in 2001 in a Web Content Management System with which non-technicians could build and update web pages and websites — at a point in time at which this was not all too common. Owing to the success, in 2004, without any external funding, eesy eService System was spun off from this as a GmbH. Since this time, many thousands of web pages, websites, web applications, and web solutions have been developed and thousands of domains hosted and updated through the system. So eesy eService System GmbH gave rise to INCREON Digital GmbH — a highly specialized and highly innovative digital agency and digital consultancy with a B2B focus.

We have continuously developed ourselves: Besides the development of standard web solutions and web applications to complex and high-performance systems, nowadays, we get started one step earlier in the process. This is because it is often not clear what is really necessary and correct. We advise, filter the the solutions that promise the most success, develop and test these, and only then integrate or migrate them. As we do it, we follow an aim: away from a fixed, monolithic system toward a decoupled, decentralized solution. This is how we make our customers more independent of systems, faster, and more flexible — always with an eye to efficiency and costs.


Facts and figures

Founded: 2000

Founding of the GmbH: 2004

Shareholders of the company: 100% subsidiary of INCREON GmbH. INCREON regards itself as one of the leading naming and branding agencies for industrial marketing communication and is located in Munich, Germany, and Shanghai, China. INCREON is specialized in international B2B brand communication and online marketing. A deep understanding of technology, processes, and distribution is the basis of the work of the agency — from analysis, strategy, consulting, and creative to realization and implementation.

Partner network: far-reaching, international


Many years of experience in web engineering

2000 Web solutions with dynamic display of the width (today, responsive design)
2001 Web content management system eesy
2003 SEO model for building up content on websites (today, content marketing)
2004 Web-based product management with PDF printing (today, web-to-print, PIM)
2005 Redundant web server technology for highest performance and security
2007 Web video with focus on YouTube and YouTube channels
2008 WordPress including themes for Chinese platform (website and blog)
2009 Web-based entrance system, including live tracking
2010 Mobile application solution with online database connection
2011 Focus on HTML5 and CSS3 for web solutions
2012 Focus on social media for B2B markets (focus on sales, recruiting)
2013 Beacons, Bitcoin and blockchain technology (mining, trading, use cases)
2014 3D visualization in digital workflow with GPU-based rendering
2016 Live recording and streaming, including from our own greenscreen video studio
2017 Flat-file content management system (CMS), Bitcoin and others in business case
2018 API-controlled communication between content management systems (e.g., WordPress)


We develop smart standard web solutions along with highly complex and high-performance systems.

Our clients:

  • Industrial, high-technology, and service companies that want to be even more successful in their B2B markets.
  • Hidden champions that want to exploit their potential even better.
  • Organizations and institutions wishing to benefit from digital dynamism.